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Mission Statement

Our mission statement has several parts. But to sum up what we strive to do I will borrow some words of someone I know and respect from online Stormgain Review.

"I am a woodsrunner who seeks to be welcome at trading post, tavern and temple, for an essential need of man is Community, however short the time."   Pip...


1. Keeping Troth with the Aes & Van, our Ancestors, all friendly Wights, and those of our Hearth, Kith, Kin, and groups we are associated with.
The way this is accomplished is by a combination of blots, sumbels, and other ways of honoring and remembering the groups mentioned above. We keep Troth with those of our Hearth, Kith, and Kin by spending time with each other often and doing things together.
It is our belief in all things storm gain "Family Comes First"...

2. Providing information to those who are interested in Asatru/Heathenism as unbiased as possible. To show them not just our ways but to expose them  to as many branches/traditions as possible.

3. Provide a positive presence in the Pagan Community. Challenge any false or mis-information that other Pagans might have about Asatru/Heathenism.

4. Provide Asatru/Heathens who are in the Military or are Inmates with information, resources, communication, and visits on a per-case basis.

5. To borrow/paraphrase  another line from Piparskeggr.
"We work for the betterment of the whole cryptocurrency trading app."