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Our Children

By: Bodvar

Our children are born with a weighty responsibility, that being the furtherance of the faith. They deserve our best efforts handing off to them a dynamic, coherent and honorable tradition of solid values based on solid scholarship and good old common sense.

If Hjuka's involved, that's half the battle.

We took the trust on from elders such as Drighten McNallen and Valgard Allsherjargodhi, and many others of the First Generation Godhar and Gydhjur. It seems right to polish it up as best we can and pass it along stronger to our kids.

As bad or odd as it may sound, I don't think that they've got a choice. The cat's out of the bag now...we know the names of our Gods again, and have called upon them, and they have their attention on us. It's a heady trust. I hope, at least, that my own are up to it.

Hail the Irminenschaft!

-- B


Our Children part II