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Common Holiness

By: Hjuka Harugari


>Perhaps we need our scholars sequestered from the chattering classes for their own sanity's sake, but it'd be nice to see 'em once in a while, especially if it's to promote and disseminate their latest work, which is always welcome.
>******Chattering classes, ja, LOL. but one thing we strongly believe in is that scholarship is pretty much useless unless we can take it and make it live in our everyday lives. I have only been here a short time on this list but it did not take me long to see that Hjuka and Hammerstede were doing just that and doing it well. I really liked you comment about looking forward as much as we look back.  That was spot on. Scholarship is there to give us a guide to find our way back to what was taken from us all those long years ago.  But we must take it and use it.  The journey is not one that will be easy, nothing of great worth ever is, but we must begin to do it. We must make it live again, together.

...thank you for the compliments, its much appreciated! Needless to say, I agree with these points being brought up- funny, some folk don't even look back when trying to move forward...choosing instead the mindset, well, 'I'm sure this is what our ancestors would have thought' or done, rather than trying to actually dig for a viable example or clearer indication...that, or when say, someone of merit has already done such a work, ignoring their findings or applications...again, note: someone of merit- there's plenty of posers out there putting forth spewage that isn't even researched enough to be considered 'poorly researched', etc...

and there is a definite need to APPLY what is found or recovered, that which is reclaimed in such searching (as is done here among Irminen) to the cult of which we are a part, and to the triuwa we share with the Gods and our Fathers and Mothers...this is a bifidic process too: while the Irminist or Norse Heathen or Asatruar must work within the inningart of 'their own' to facilitate the process 'amongst their own', we must also work together in the steads of common ground, or where we share a 'common troth', that is, a troth/triuwa with the Gods...there's no reason that pan-Germanic Heathen can't work together in the areas which are indeed shared, and its for that lack of at least a 'common solidarity' as a general populace as (pan) Germanic Heathen- regardless if we are Irminist, Norse Heathen or Asatruar that keeps the 'collective whole' to put it loosely, from making any long-lasting and widespread advancements...like Bodvar indicated, we tend to still be trying to work with the foundations, or floundering in that 'formation' stage, etc...

another area of 'common solidarity' that is wholly and quite disgustingly lacking is the support or lack-there-of (better said) you see amongst the various groups and organizations...and this covers a wide array of subjects- from the support folk do/don't show for Heathen enterprises such as businesses, merchants, writers to the lack of support you see in dealing with other folks' outlaws.. sure, our 'tribal law' is of our own and no-one else's- Hammerstede's law is naturally unique to Hammerstede, as Northvegr's is to theirs, etc...and neither or is obligated by that tribal law to, well, recognize this or that aspect of it, etc etc...but with the pan-Germanic
Heathen populace (speaking here in America) being as limited in scope and size as it is, there is a need (as Alfta and I have been discussing) for the independent, legitimate groups to show some support for one-another and at least NOT accept someone else's outlaws or bgauulf into their
garts... doesn't that defeat the purpose? Sure, perhaps 2000 years ago, when there were no phone lines, email and faxes, you might see an outlaw eke into this or that other social group (or, if that group were enemies to the tribe in question, etc) but this isn't 2000 years ago, and presumably, Irminen aren't the enemies of Asatruar or Norse Heathen...so its rather unethical for me or my folk to accept someone else's outlaw- again, with the situation as it is, I think we need to stand together on those areas of 'common ground' and in that 'common triuwa' to the Gods, we do in that way share a sense of 'common law' which, seems to me requires quite a bit more cooperation between at least the leaderships of such groups on at least some nominal or formal level...doesn't mean this or that other group has to conform to whatever perceptions the other group has on this or that subject, including cultic aspects- this, after all, is what defines the ethnic cult- but there are (like I said above) common grounds which we can and SHOULD be working on together (as Alfta and I have been discussing, as I also mentioned...)

>******I think that the move toward more tribes and versions of
Heathenism is a healthy one as long as we remember that each tribe may have its own law but there is always going to be a large common ground between us all, with which we can form a standard.  Whether you are a part of Northvegr, Hammerstede, AA or whichever group, there are a great many things we will all share together as part of that common birthright of Pan-Germanic Heathenism.  We know that courtesy, honor, courage, loyalty, the keeping of your oaths, refraining from slander and etc. are common to all Heathens (at least they should be!). These things I don't think anyone could seriously dispute no matter what tribe/group they are in.  It is here, this common ground,  that we hope we can begin to build that standard and in effect re-establish Heathen law/thew/standards

...Well said!

 >******This has been driven home to me, painfully, just recently.  In our
attempts to get our fledgling tribe off the ground we have found that people do view duty as a "dictatorship."  This is a sad thing because it shows just how far our people have come from their birthright when even
the very thought comes into their mind.  They spout that they believe in freedom when what they believe in is lawlessness.

...I think alot of this has to do with so many contemporary treatments (thanks, Llewellen) that emphasize INDIVIDUAL over all else, and any joe-shmoe is of equal if not more value than any so-called leader...problem is, while individual development is important, our Heathen forms- regardless of ethnic flavor- are community-based troths, centered around a definitive cult structure- which includes some manifestation or office of maintenance of that cult and its Luck...the lack of such institutions in their respective forms (priest-chieftains or Sacral Kings, which we need not debate here) and the respect to those who RIGHTFULLY hold such office is a telling smudge on the 'lack' in evolutionary form in today's various Heathen paths...and its the whole me me me me me me bullshit that's killed any notion of society or decency here in the States, and elsewhere in the world...

and the whole notion (as Wsolf has brought up) of lawlessness is bogus...lawless society? hmmm.. well, law is linguistically related to the same terms for layer, and certainly all are tied to urlag, both linguistically AND mystically...so, if you have no law, you have no urlag...if you have no urlag, you have no past, no ancestry, and no connection to the Gods from which your ancestry springs...so folk who believe in such nonsense, well, that tells you something about their attitudes and perhaps aptitudes...there is no evolution without the root, you can't grow out of nothing- only christians believe in Nihlism...

>Neither do these laws restrict us.  They *define* us.  We're the people who invented lawsuits, trial by jury, and even the word "law", after all.  We are the people who view honor, family and our word in the particular we we do.  It defines us, therefore.
>******I'm beating the pommel of my dagger on the table top again! What is more the law strengthens us.  We are made strong by it, like the steel tempered in fire.  Tr Heathen law makes us free.


Alaf Sal Fena!