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Our Children part II

By: Hjuka Harugari

>Our children are born with a weighty responsibility, that being the furtherance of the faith. They deserve our best efforts handing off to them a dynamic, coherent and honorable tradition of solid values based on solid scholarship and good old common sense.

....our children have their own burdens to bear, for sure, in carrying on the furtherance of the Heathen dynamic be it Asatru, Irminenschaft or something else...but the brunt of their weight is our own to carry...that is, just as those who came before us in establishing this or that form, setting the foundations of the dynamic here in America, that burden was great indeed- we have the responsibility of ensuring that what we leave them is an evolved form, that its some point much further than where we picked up the torch and started running...for we Irminen, there is the sense that at least a new foundation has been laid for which our children (and Irminen-Folk) can have a Heathenry which is uniquely 'their own' -that is, truly 'Germanic' ..in the narrower sense of being German-ish, rather than the pan-germanic connotation normally associated to the term...on that same note, while we have made this or that evolutionary step, we've a monumental task before us of leaving some tangible, fleshed-out forms from which our children and Irminen leaders to follow can work from...

The work which has led to this point takes a sphere of a number of years to say the least, and sure, that's (how many years, Witamund?) of researching and 'searching' for this or that clue...in the open and in the shadows...we are a tradition firmly rooting in the Thau of our forebears, but we're not bound to the 8th century, or to those forms which served well the needs of that era, but at least at this stage, cannot serve legitimate needs for today's Irminen...of course, we're not wiccans who shape a religion to justify or accomodate a lifestyle, but rather, we live according to a organic, cosmic law as set by the Gods in the dawn of time, and that which insures the furtherance of our folk as a dynamic entity within that time..(what v.Li. called 'Rita')...

I won't boast of this or that ability/inability to keep such, which is a bit on the 'unlucky' side of things, but we at least strive to keep it so...


>If Hjuka's involved, that's half the battle.

...I'm touched and honored by your words..


>We took the trust on from elders such as Drighten McNallen and Valgard Allsherjargodhi, and many others of the First Generation Godhar and Gydhjur. It seems right to polish it up as best we can and pass it along stronger to our kids.

...there's plenty to learn from the Old Hands...

Loddfafnir, listen to my counsel-
It will benefit you to take it,
And serve you well if you follow it:
Never smirk at an elder,
They speak good sense-
Wisdoms often come from their mouths.
{134, my tr.}

..bifidically, this is true in two ways...the wisdoms they hold, and of course, this or that outdated form, or mistaken way...those concepts tried and true, and those which prove otherwise...the pioneers of Heathenry in America hold both within them...when Valgard was out here for ECRT II we enjoyed many a man-to-man conversation, and there was plenty on the Thau of leadership, on Heathenry, and other related topics...did we see eye to eye on everything? Certainly not.. but still, I listened...even to what I didn't particularly agree with- after all, wisdoms hide in the darkest shadows and remotest corners at times...

and yes, we gotta keep the ball rolling, and more importantly, we have an obligation to our Gods and Folk to raise our children in Thau, in that which truly bears the Holiness of their Beings....sure, we don't have to force anything down their throats, but we are obligated to provide the tools and wisdoms we gain along our own journey...we can't walk along the road and leave them to the Stranger to keep...



>As bad or odd as it may sound, I don't think that they've got a choice. The cat's out of the bag now...we know the names of our Gods again, and have called upon them, and they have their attention on us. t's a heady trust. I hope, at least, that my own are up to it.

...yes, it is, and likewise...

of course, our kids are only as strong as we 'make' them to be, as much as we have provided to set strong roots and foundations...if we fail to do that, we can't possibly hope for the what will be...

Alaf Sal Fena!

Hjuka, Harugari


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