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By: Hjuka Harugari


Holy Water (Heilawag / Heiligwoge)

it is drawn one of the 3 of holiest points of the year: between the 11th and 12th hour on the eve of the solstice, when Sunna wheels about in her returning to her waxing strength, just before sunrise on the first morning of Ostarun, when Mano is at his full glory, and Sunna at her 'median' strength so-to-speak, and between the 11th or 12th hour on the eve of Sunnawendi...just as she is reaching her pinnacle of stregnth...according to tradition, this water does indeed last from one tide to the next...later traditions suggest that water drawn at Iul will last until the next Iul, but I prefer renewing that water at least by Sunawendi.... as for the source, both the name and traditions surrounding Holy Water hold the clues: the second element, -uuag or -uuac (wag / wac), translates as 'surge' or 'wave' (and in some OHG sources, 'sea')...while we might think that it would be drawn of sea water, we'd have to consider the source noted in the traditions themselves, and then the term and its Heathen usage becomes much clearer- according to custom, this water was drawn from some Holy (running) stream or source- one which is an obvious point of power, or where offerings are typically left...drawn at the source, this would be the spring itself- the naturally occurring well, if you will- the prunno or brunno...which, needless to say is exactly the same type of well as Urdabrunno...a water-source in which the water rises or surges or 'waves' up on its own....here in Jersey, in the Pine Barrens, we've got plenty of those...so, as to place, it would have to be a running, clean stream...one where offerings are made, or where there is an obvious presence of magan would be especially holy, or if you're lucky, at a natural source...no, it doesn't HAVE to be at a source, and ancient customs certainly attest to it...they are simply the three places...as for their drawing, this should properly be done by the magan-ful and healing hands of a woman of caliber or Hexe...such as the Frouwa of your sippa...in going to draw the water, you leave the home in silence- take to whatever source you will draw the water from in silence, and return to the home in silence...and it should be stored in a closed container, and perhaps out of common sight, as in the chest or cabinet you store ritual implements (our Altar/Weihbetti is where we store our Holy implements and everything of that nature)....and once drawn, should be kept from Mano's glare....

Hope that helps!

Alaf Sal Fena!

Hjuka, Harugari