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Heathen Law II

By: Hjuka Harugari


>But, then there're the folks out there who have to be *sold* on the concept of a Folk -- there are *still* people out there who don't "buy into" that, and who even become hostile when the word is mentioned -- and so have to be sold on the concept of a law binding the Folk.  If you have not Folk, you cannot have a law.  Without law, you're outlaw.
...and, our Gods understand law and outlaw.  Take that into consideration, oh, you posers!



...yes, the Gods, and Wurt‚ (wurt-ah: norns) all understand the deepest significances of it perfectly!
Those who would strive against or rally against a notion of the common ground that should unite us, at least on certain minimal levels as pan-Germanic Heathen- simply do not understand what Heidentriuwa is all about.. they simply DO NOT get it.. that Heathen troth is a community affair, its a social trust....this is most applicable on the 'localized' scale, of course, within each respective 'circle' if you will, but like I said, with us being so few in number, there's got to be some greater cohesiveness, at least where it comes to matters of the SURVIVAL and FURTHERANCE of our Heathenry- be it Irminenschaft, Asatru, Odinism, or whatever...not that I feel we have some 'secret government enemy' or some other stuff, but if we're going to make any progress, we can only do it in the collective- much the same way the PACs work in government...we have to at least be on an effective level, and that's a united front...again, we don't have to change our ways of doing things, or accept someone else's etc etc etc...but we gotta work together and be willing to support one-another on the many areas where there is a shared common ground...and who knows- perhaps it will help in the networking.. say, when someone comes to your group/organization who simply would fit in better somewhere else, ya got the 'know' of where to send 'em...;)

>We're still, as Wisolf said, at an introductory, a forming stage...perhaps more damning, we're still at a *lawless* stage, only a few individuals and organizations deigning to *require* of their members.  It's perhaps different on the kindred, hearth or sippe level, but I doubt it generally.  We've been conditioned not to require things of people.  That is a weakness which needs to be addressed.

...yeh, and that's something we as Irminists have taken by the horn- nothing comes for free, all is earned, and you must maintain the worth of keeping what is earned...

>...one way of facilitating this is to recognize that some people are and must be in charge, but that this is not an office but a trust, answerable to the common good.

...yes, and 'office' is used lightly: sure enough, it is a trust, and a dynamic one at that...failing to maintain that triuwa to Gods and folk brings about the removal of that individual, which is the Folk's own right in doing, what good is a man or woman who is entrusted with the Luck of the folk who then turns around and acts in selfish or otherwise un-Lucky or un-increasing ways to and for the folk?

>As such, a godhar, gydhjya, harugari (am I using the word correctly) or other chieftain (the word I prefer) without alliances is sailing close to the rocks of a cult of personality.  No kindred or organization should seek to be an island.  There's too much to be done.

...absolutely: we need to work within our respective inningart to improve or further that specific triuwa or other cult-specific development we're striving to achieve, but at the same time, we gotta work with other Germanic Heathen, preventing that 'divide and conquer' affect... or perhaps 'divide and collapse'...but I might suggest that the unity need not be expressed through yet another organization, proper, but as Alfta and I have been discussing, a 'pan-tribal' or 'pan-organizational' Althing..in which the representatives of the respective bodies do in fact work together on those key issues, but maintaining the utmost of their sovereignty or some sense of freedom of association...more like the UN, I suppose, but I may be just being to Anal with the wording, or my understanding of it.... so for that, excuse me:)

>If a friend is family to you, their enemies must at least be unwelcome in the area you control, if they've not earned *your* enmity.  They must *at least* be strangers to you...even today, when there aren't many of us....

...you would think that a man/woman legitimately set out-of-law from their group would make them an enemy to the triuwa that group had, and hence to the Gods...and so, WOULDN'T find welcome in another group which shared that triuwa as well... unfortunately, that isn't the USUAL case these days... and there is one glaring and well-known example of this that I think we're all familiar with, though perhaps we shouldn't indulge that mess here... and I'm surprised to see the welcome the man gets in what I once considered a most respectable group...and actually, it seems that that poison is spreading to yet another...

>...true.  The specifics may change -- that old "is the hammer sign historical or Wiccan" and "do we conduct blot in Old English/Norse/Gothic/English/whatever?", which often resemble monks arguing over transubstantiation -- but the common good must be respected.

....yeh, it won't be a forum for arguing who's right and wrong about this or that... though we could certainly use it to bounce ideas off one-another, I would hope:).. but it isn't about tribal differences, its about triuwa- troth, troth to the Gods and furthering that triuwa on a collective and more effective front...

>In short, we need, as Germanic heathens, tied by thousands of years of newly rediscovered tradition and modern efforts at relevance, to strive toward what we have in common, not seek things that make us different.
It may be "modern" and "sexy" to be an individual, but it's damned impractical, considering what we are working toward.


...I think using the differences to build higher walls is a mistake, and a fatal one at that- THAT unfortunately seems to be a trend as well... I think the differences of cultic application are a healthy and good thing otherwise...addresses the particular needs of what folk are looking for- and that's perhaps the necessity which brought about the development of
Irminenschaft here in the modern era- offering something a little more German-centric for those who didn't hear the call of more Scandinavian forms (Asatru, for example).. or, perhaps for those who'd like a little more 'beef' to add to their stew...

>What we need now is the Law, to match the Lore.  We need it capitalized.

...Law is there, it permeates all of Being... its a matter of as you say, capitalizing it so that folks can see the finer print a bit easier!

Alaf Sal Fena!

Hjuka Harugari