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By: Hjuka Harugari

I think another area in which the language we use plays a key role is in poetic composition...yeh, duh -right ;)
no, seriously...the language we use, be it Modern English, or perhaps some elder form is essential in conveying a holiness that one cannot carry as well as the other....me, I typically write in either Gothic or OHG, in traditional Germanic meter...this meter is impossible to replicate in true form using Modern English- unless one abandons proper rules of pronunciation and the like which determine the ME form...writing in the elder tongue in the elder meter serves to connect us to the deepest roots of our Selves and our Being, and of the culture that is ours and our ancestry...

so too, do we connect to the very roots of our own language, and have the opportunity to see the origin of words, their usage and the like first-hand... when I hear songs sung in the elder form it simply 'connects' in a deep way which I've never felt with a similar verse composed in modern English... certainly, its better to compose in ME than not compose at all, but for those with the aptitude, patience and drive to learn, becoming familiar enough with an elder tongue (such as OHG) is a spiritually rewarding and empowering experience...

just some further thoughts...

Hjuka, Harugari