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Thoughts On My Birthday

By: Piparskeggr


Health and Luck All,

If I may be permitted a bit of self indulgence?

And Now, I Am 46

Many the deeds, I dreamed as a boy
A hero to be, a figure of note
A man of great works, a maker of things
A husband, a father, a player of song

People would have, all I could do
My Name would come, easily known
"There, is that Him?" a common phrase
My face is seen, in every home

But as time wore, on through my life
Ordeals broke down, youthful good heart
Dreams did die out, replaced by tears
Fading into, shadowy thoughts

Effort and pain, broke down some dreams
Not enough brain, slew some others
Helping others, replaced my work
Caring too much, brought me some hurt

Comes a time when, one does look back
Takes it all in, path of one's life
Bumpy or smooth, hard or easy
It does lie there, road I have made

Lesson of this? Life begets life
I do still breath. I do still have hope.
Name still will come, just maybe small
Dreams are never, fully foregone

In Frith under Troth, may the Gods see you!
- Piparskeggr skjaldberi Ullar