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A Thing Hall
23 Harvest 2251 RE

By: Piparskeggr



Did Asa Tyr, look down and see
A rooftree raised, by band of Folk
A Thingstead bright, and strong in Troth
By Freemen built, by Freemen filled

In Rightful Will, with Words of Wit
These Thoughtful Wights, meet, talk and choose
They make the Law, to guide the Folk
Under Custom, and Tribal Thew

Sometimes the Words, rush strong and fast
Some come in flow, gentle and sweet
But always Heart, must be for Tribe
To build Orlay, to Keep the Troth

In spirit of, Trú Frith and Troth
In Kinship ties, and Kithship bonds
They seek ever, to guard the Weal
To become more, for strength of Folk

For in the Law, and within Thew
We find lessons, to give to them
Who would join in, or be born of
The Tribal Life, the Tribal Way

And so Witan, is set to sit
Within Thing Hall, to bandy Words
To Speak and Read, the Tribal Law
To know that Tyr, smiles on them