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Asatru Options
by: Boar's Heart

. . . Folkish belief, essentially, sez this is a matter of who we are, our heritage and birthright as Northern Europeans. At the extreme fringe, there's a lotta thud and blunder and "you MUST be Ary . . . errr, Teutonic" going on.

Universalism sez the gods call who they call, and we shouldn't quibble with their choices. At THEIR extreme fringe, there's a lotta ~*~ sparkle~*~ and ~*~ twinkle ~*~ going on . . . and likely to be quite a few books from a certain large publishing concern on the bookshelf. :-)

On them dark and muttering fringes, the Uni call the Folkish Nazitru, and the Folkish call the Uni Wiccatru. We're so GOOD at labels, sometimes.

Meanwhile, the Tribalists are sayin' we're all just a bit full of it, that it's a matter of CULTURE, and the culture in question is TRIBAL, so, ya know, ya gotta be in one to do it right . . . and at THEIR extreme fringe, ya just know yer gonna be sh*ttin' in an outhouse and living on weeds, seeds, rocks, and undercooked pork. And callin' somebody Drighten. And polishin' yer gun collection.

The vast majority of Trufolk, of course, are sensibly in the middle somewhere, Northern Europeans being an overwhelmingly sensible lot most of the time . . . personally, I think this really IS a matter of heritage . . . so it's a good thing so durn many of us gots a Viking or three in the woodpile, eh? . . . and sure, the gods call who the gods call, but until they start notifying ME, I'll continue judging others by their deeds, not their good intentions, like I always have, alrighty? If someone's deeds are Tru, I don't much mind what color they are or who they sleep with, frankly . . . and, just to round it out, I think the Tribalist websites are generally the most right-on on the 'net in terms of lore and practice . . . but I'm kinda misanthropic at times . . . that "sparkling bluntness, " y'know . . . so if I were gonna be in a tribe, I problly already WOULD be . . . and we'd all be flying three piece patches. Red 'n white ones, mebbe, with single wing skulls on 'em. :-)