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The Exception, Not the Rule...


Garman here.
> I know the sagas and Snorri's histories present a lot of wars, but then
> again, this is long after Germanic societies suffered a lot of disruptions.
> I doubt folk would have tolerated as a matter of course situations of total
> war all the time.
Quite so. It was some wise man, I forget who, who once pointed out that the
stories in the sagas are generally about the exceptions, not the rule. They
are not about ordinary people and affairs amongst the elderen, but about the
doings of the sociopaths amongst them, simply because it is such doings that
generally make the juicier stories. Where neoheathenry tends to get it wrong
is by fashioning itself after these stories, taking them as role models,
relentlessly trying to get in touch with its inner Egil SkallagrimssonR, thus
making the exceptions the rule, and so making itself sociopathic in the
> does that mean that we reviving must mimic as well? Perhaps not, perhaps we
> can revive the orlog back to more frithful times, when fertility and wisdom
> were the muse of mankind ...
I'll certainly second that. Personally, I think the main problem with people
coming into heathenry is caused by getting it upside down, like the above, or
getting it backwards. One should seek to become a good human being first,
someone worthy of the gods, and only then seek to become a heathen.