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First Act


Here's a poem I wrote, which was inspired by the Creation Story of Our Lore.

- First Act -

Beyond the Dawn, of Godkind's Walk
Through all Nine Worlds, and Mankind's Heart
Lay awaiting, All Things, No Thing
Ginungagap, the Well unfilled

In this Placeness, what could be found
To Call to Life, The Everything
To bring about, The Beingness
Ginungagap, the Well unfilled

Without Being, can be no Deed
And without Deed, is no Orlay
To lack Orlay, is to lack Wyrd
Ginungagap, the Well unfilled

Within the Dream, beyond All Dream
Something did stir, Shifting, Pulsing
Forces livened, from Where, Unknown
Ginungagap, the Well filling

From Isa's breath, the hoar frost grew
And formless Void, was brought to Shape
Primal layers, growing, silent
Ginungagap, the Well filling

Kenaz did dance, in glowing spark
And quickened Things, along their way
Brought Action to the Static growth
Ginungagap, the Well filling

Thus Perthro's womb, took needful Form
Within, Around, Becomingness
And Life did come, both Rude and Right
Ginungagap, the Well full filled



In Frith under Troth, may the Gods see you!

- Piparskeggr skjaldberi Ullar


Builder for the Future and Traveler along the Folkway

River Wood Samfélag