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Across the Flames


A poem I wrote from a Folk Consciousness feeling of connection with a fellow Heathen with whom I have never clasped (and due to distance, may never) hands in Friendship though I do feel a great Kinship towards him. I believe Folk Consciousness" exists, I Believe and I can only Know, that I Believe.


Across the Flames - To Gunnsmith, A Dreamer

By fireside, I sat alone
Beneath a sky, awash in stars
Deep in the woods, atop a tor
To Sit and Think, to Dream and See

I tipped my horn, gave drink to Wights
Said Hail to Gods, and Hail to Folk
Astride a chair, by stony ring
Tossed log on flame, and set to task

Heavy lidded, my eyes did grow
Within that place, twixt wake and dream
A borderland, of freer thought
Where embers sang, and sparks danced high

The fire's voice, did whisper sweet
And guided thoughts, down alleys old
Of Who am I, and Where is Home
And Who are They, that came before

Across the Flames, I saw a Face
I've known him well, for all my life
But by what name, his mother calls
I could not say, it mattered not

He looked to me, and Saw me too
A link I felt, and saw him start
But we were shades, out of Life's Time
Which one was Past, Which one was Now

I saw him speak, but heard no words
I replied low, with nod and grin
I knew him for, a Kinsman Trú
In Clan Folk's line, he nodded too

We sat there still, silent and proud
For words were not, needed to know
That Bond held strong, both back and forth
In Soul and Blood, in Heart and Mind

As night time waned, unto the morn
We tipped out drink, to flame born Wights
And hoisted to, each other's health
To Holy Ones, for Gift of Sight

And as the sun, was eastering
We raised our hands, across the flame
Almost touching, in dawn's new light
Across the years, across the veil

We faded from, each other's sight
Returning to, our own Midgarths
But having known, Truth of the Bond
A life's Worth Gift, in one short night

Unknown the Way, this Seeming came
A thing from Wyrd, I surely think
Rose from the Well, of Clan's Orlay
To give the Gift, of Knowing Tie

Life upon Life, we do reach out
And find All Kin, surrounding us
This Call of Bond, we ever share
By fire side, in daily work

And as we walk, along our road
We more and more, find hands to clasp
Of Kin and Kith, we've known before
T'is comforting, how Bond will out

And as we wake, to Troth with Gods
We know this Bond, holds to Them too
Of Kinship strong, and true and old
The Hallowed Hof, of Lifeline's chain

And to the flames, I will return
In search of Sight, perhaps, again
A gift in Bond, to Kinsman old
A gift of Hope, for Those to come



In Frith under Troth, may the Gods see you!

- Piparskeggr skjaldberi Ullar


Builder for the Future and Traveler along the Folkway

River Wood Samfélag