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Flotsam & Promises


Gday the Folk,

Well, I think  so far as the moral rightness of our deeds.. an the quality
of our people, coming up as we do as a kind of anti-christianity......
  There has to be a reason why people come our way, and some  proabaly do
in order to escape from the  prevailing moral order... rather than
neccisarily through a desire to   live in such a way as to be more honest,
ordered or more strictly... right or true...

  We are catching the floatsam of the religious and social world  to some
extent and this is to be expected since the reawakening is not  yet
mainstream, but rather a  small and somewhat archaic anacronism.. at least
so far as the Mchicken society is concerned.

  An this is especially true for women, who tend to be not only "more
christian" in their thinking... as a matter of hormones ...... .... or if
they have made the break.... are more attracted to Wicca as a womans way...
than the  more martial seeming Northern Path....

 but it still remains that the dominant culture and religion as an  unholy
beast or organism... holds our people in a kind of "death grip"..... and
many good Folk therein....

  and for them to get outta there requires a  real hard and costly  effort
and a considerable journey... takes  a lot of courage, and probably involves
some break with their family- extended familys... friends or
co-religionists... and that alone is enough to dissuade the majority from
starting the climb.

 "The Promise" of christianity, however false and twisted a version of
things it is..... will often be the final fence too  high to climb  even for
those who really dont have their heart in it....

and  that that faith has has two thousand years to hone its cunning insight
of  the mortal human psyche... in fact, pretty much every element has been
designed exactly  with that in mind...

 I have had this response from  likely candidates... "If [christianity] is
all bullshit,  well,  then its bullshit..... and if it is  all true....
well then, what have I got to lose?

I thought about that for a long time... and finally the best I could come up
with is that its better to  live an honest,  true.. life, than to go along
with   any amount of false promises on the chance premis that  they "may" be
true..... because  the prevailing herd says they are or  may want them to be

but for some people that may not be enough.

  so I suppose that its the sense of it being  better to be condemmed to an
honest hell, than float up to some bullshit heaven on a cloud of lies

and, that if the world and universe in general was made for the specific
purpose of one  universalist religion... why then the core elements of that
faith oughta be written on every rock that a person ever picked up......
but they arent, in fact the opposite is true

The final thing, though is that for the majority of people religion is  an
insurance policy against the unknown, somthing they only half believe....
and dont put much effort into

 and the lower the "premiums" and the greater the promise of a return.... it
comes down to who makes the best sales pitch and has the most glossy
paraphenalia to pass around....

The Gods Ride with the Brave....