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Garman Lord


Greater Theodism

Question Regarding Honor

Honor  pt.2

Honor  pt.3

Theodic Symbel

Viewing the Gods

Talking About the Gods

Tree's & "01%"

The Exception, Not The Rule

East Meets West

Frith and Grith

Hall Thew

Swapping Esteem

Lawless Community

Evolved From?

Religion vs Spirituality

Relations With The Gods

Words Have Meaning


Feast & Symbel  

Rites of Passage  




Heathen Publishing & Media  

Authentic or Fraud?  

For Better or Worse...  

Sacral King & the Gods  

Theodism & Asatru  

Right Good Will

Greater Theodism new 12-10-07

Theodish GODS Questions new 12-10-07

EDDA-Bibolatry new 12-10-07


Theodish Articles and Research
The following is part of the Gering website
as it was before it's removal from the web.
It is posted here with permission.