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Religion vs Spirituality

By: Garman Lord


> and that goes right back to what I said quite a while ago..... a true religion ought to be >found under every rock you ever picked up...... and  the Northen way is Who - We-Are... >and so "Who" "We" "ARE" is going to be turning over a lot of rocks.. and finding a lot of >things... and rather than a small, closed circle of ideas... its an ever expanding.. >receding horizon.

Again, we differ. It seems to me that you confuse religion with spirituality... nor are you the only one. This seems the most difficult idea for modern people to get. Spirituality is personal transcendence, and may well be the zen of motorcycle maintenance, or found under every rock, but a man's spirituality and his religion are two different things. Religion is not transcendent, nor supposed to be; it's merely the spiritual tithe that every man owes his tribe, and should indeed be a small closed circle of ideas. The thing is, while we should cultivate that in our hearts and honor that, no man need ever be limited to that... in his own personal transcendent spirituality.