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About Gothi's


I think it all depends on the Kindred.

It all depends on the Gothi. On How he reads the Lore.

On the "Model" he has chosen to follow.

I lead a Kindred, in Central Indiana.

We've been a functioning Kindred since late ' 94.

I was asked by several Folks who were all getting together,

at my house to do Blots, that I was presiding at, to do this.

I have been priest, friend, leader, teacher, etc, in the Pagan/Heathen Community,

for many years, before I "came home" to Asatru.

In my experience, A Gothi does serve as priest,

but he serves the Kindred also, in many roles.

A Gothi's role depends very much on the strength, of the Gothi,

his wherewithal, his leadership and wisdom, as well as his priestship.

As Gothi, he provides the Hof, or place of Assembly, provides the Feast,

provides Mead & Ale, for assemblies, assembles the Kindred,

presides at Blots & Sumbels, gifts his Gythja, and Kinsmen, at Jul, & Birthdays(?).

He also sometimes serves as the "lightning rod", for the Kindred,

absorbing jolts & charges sent in our direction.

The Gothi, however, serves his Kindred, even prospective members,

as Friend, councilor, & benefactor, when he's able.

I'm not saying it "must" be this way, but how it works for us.

In the Lore, a Gothi is not only a priest, but a leader, benefactor,

councilor, friend, chieftain, defender, and serves at the will of his folk.

A Gothi is Known by his *generosity*, as much as by his leadership.

If he looks behind him, when he's called, to stand, for his Kindred,

and no-one is there. Then he is not a Gothi.

Anyone who takes the title, or is given the title, without a Kindred,

group to support him or following, is a hollow gothi.

A Gothi must stand for his Kindred, at Althing, as a delegate, if the

Kindred chooses to Affiliate with any sort of greater, national organization.

There are many factors in the title "Gothi".

Each Kindred, each Gothi is different.

This is how I see the situastion and have tried to lead my Kindred.

Again, I'm not saying this is how it "MUST" be but how it works for us,

and how I see it in the Lore. I'm a lucky man, so far, to have what I have.

I have a great Kindred, great Friends, around the country.Just *my * thoughts.

YMMV ! !

Hail the Aesir and Vanir! Hail Odin! Hail the Northern Folk!

' Til Later.................Farheil,

Jon Grimsteinr-Gothi

HofBrau Kindred