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About Gothi's
Part 2


Now to this I'd like to add a few things............

I run a Folkish Kindred.
Yup, that means our Membership is limited. I have Friends of other races & ethnicities; they are not Asatru.
I've never tried to be allthings to all people; I'm a Gothi, to my Folk.
I've never tried to be politically correct;
I am what I am. I am bound to my Kindred by "My Oath"!
No apologies.

I am not eaten-up with wiping out the christians, or even defeating them.
Some of my Family, some of my best Friends are christians. I know they are wrong, to follow the desert god. It doesn't make me hate 'em, or want to throw 'em down. They are the "Folk without". They haven't yet found the Northern FolkWay.

I'd much rather they came home to the Northern Folkway - Asatru.
I'd much rather see them return to the Northern Gods & Goddesses.
I will Blot with any, who are of the Northern Folkway. Outside of that, I'm selective.

There are Leaders, among our Folk, who are Gythja. They bring other strengths to their roles. They serve their Kindreds well.
A chieftain, on the other hand is another term altogether, the way I see it.
As is a Drighten. These are my thoughts. YMMV!

Hail the Aesir and Vanir!   Hail Odin!   Hail the Northern Folk!

' Til Later.................Farheil,

Jon Grimsteinr-Gothi
HofBrau Kindred
Asatru Alliance, A.F.A.
RuneGild, AORV