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When heart and blood disagree...



> but I have a question, regarding ancestry......
> Since most of us in America are ancestral mxtures,
> how do you reconcile the multiple ancestries?
> While a person who is, oh, for example, Half German
> and Half Italian, aren't they going to end up not being
> true to part of their ancestry by being true to another
> part?


German is much more a true Ethnic - Cultural Heritage then Italian. Italy (nor Germany as such) did not exist as a "country" until about a century and a quarter ago.

I am "Italian" on my mom's side. Her father, to this day, calls himself Abruzzese (the Province in which he was born) before he will admit to being Italian. My grandfather speaks reverently about having seen the Savoyard King and the Duke of Abruzzi as a boy. My grandmother's family was adamantly Campaignian, before they were Italian. Looking deeper into my forebears from the "Boot" we see: proto-European, Etruscan, Latin, Umbrian, Sabine, Celt, Greek, Iberian, Goth, Lombard, Vandal and Norman, amongst other tribes in my bloodlines.

When we turn to my father's forebearage we see: proto-European, Celt (Gael and Gaul), Briton, Dane, Frank, Norman, Rus, Teuton, Slav, English, Mohawk, among the mix. On both sides, much of the Blood flows from the North. I would suggest, that the Nation-States set up by Church and Crown have less to do with defining our Kinlines than looking deeper into the who of the peoples caught in the net of those socio-political lines on a piece of paper.

I am Trú, to That Which Is Holy. The Holy Ones who have responded most strongly to my expressions of Kinship have been the Holy Ćsir and Vanir. I do however lift Horn to others of my Kinline. My Worship goes North, my respect to the Others.



In Frith under Troth, may the Gods see you!
- Piparskeggr skjaldberi Ullar
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