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By: Hjuka Harugari

>If I were anyone out there who had a good friend, a heathen of good reputation, I'd get them to this list to learn, if the list is open to it.

...that is the purpose of the list and the website ( I know- I have to get some more stuff set up and posted there...) =to educate folk, for those who seek it, on a viable, living German-ic Heathen dynamic... the list is 'restricted membership' so only to keep out a small handfull of troublemakers...whose works I've seen on other lists, but other than that, its here for anyone who seeks to learn about Irminenschaft...

>This is because Hjuka is here, and his post in reply merits rereading once or twice.  His time, like ours, is valuable and limited, but he seems to be spending some of it here. For those who think that I'm over-praising Hjuka, please consider:  I fancy that I know him, and Frithy, and value the association.  I think that I understand his work, and I value it immensely.  It's original, in a world now of heathen imitations 30 years on from the Drighten's first public blot in California.  Irminenschaft is a viable, valuable alternative to some of the less genuine efforts afoot out there, and follows in the tradition of our elders in the Folkway.

...needless to say (and I'll do it here) that I appreciate the warm words and support...and more importantly, your understanding of what's going on, on the works at hand, etc... Irminenschaft is the culmination of a good many years worth of building, and of gleaning from this or that other project, etc, etc... its exciting to see it finally come to fruition, and to see the interest in
it growing daily.... And I feel the direction its going is truly viable indeed...a
German-ic dynamic which, as I keep repeating myself, is firmly rooted in the Thau of our forebears, but addresses the needs of a living and dynamic folk...and for we American Irminen particularly, that involves some shifts in approach that might not have been necessary had we continued to be a strictly German speaking folk...this is why, in the forthcoming book, you will see a predominant focus placed on the English terminologies... which, for an English target audience, represents the spear point of the Becoming, of the evolved folk (not that moving away from German is evolution, mind you)...but we speak English, therefore its cumbersome to over-Germanicize the terms in the text... of course, I do provide MoHigh German terminologies in the Appendix, and...in establishing the root of German-Thau, Old High German terms as well...

I'd say the focus on language runs something like:
English (..addressing the needs of the folk in the here-&-now)
Old High German (..establishing the 'root' -linguistically speaking)
Mo High German (..filling in 'the middle')

..point is, you won't have to learn another language to learn from the book...and if you prefer OHG terms or even MoHG.. they'll be there. but you catch my drift...we're not about playing 8th century tribesmen.. we're about maintaining and furthering a dynamic evolution of a dynamic, evolving folk... there's tons of work before us, but we keep moving...keep building, slowly and steadily... we have no real choice... its a matter of providing for those who will follow, and for the sake of offering some shred of life and hope for our children...

Alaf Sal Fena!