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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

By: Hjuka Harugari


        *I don't know what the hel I am.  I follow the way of my folk, with a primary interest on the Danish part.  My personal opinion is: call me what you want, I really don't care (as long as it isn't "pagan").*

....don't sweat the small stuff- establish that troth with the Gods, learn what you can and what you can use...I've seen folk take a little from Asatru, a little from Irminenschaft, etc...and make for themselves a deeply deeply personal path to those multiple roots of their true selves...few of us are so lucky to have such narrowly tribal ethnic makeup's, and too many of us worry (for having Scandinavian/Germanic backgrounds) which exactly is the 'right thing'...I've seen folk of a Sc-Ger connect better to Irminenschaft than Asatru (for example) and vice-versa...these paths provide ways, not yokes into which you have to narrowly confine or lock yourself...if no specific or 'orthodox' approach (Asatru, proper/Irminism, proper/Theodism, proper) works, then simply use what works, and don't worry over the fact that you don't fit so neatly into this or that category...in time, you might find yourself drawn to a particular approach, but perhaps not- so long as your troth to the Gods remains true and unwavering.