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By: Hjuka Harugari


Like anything else, the reclamation of our Germanic Heathenry is a bit of a slow process...needlessly so, considering the evolutionary strides that are an integral part of such things- these, of course don't happen over night but take some measure of time to properly bud forth...in our works, we come across this or that form, terminologies, etc that better express the ideals, holiness, and true root and power of the form than many of our more mundane expressions...understandable especially in considering the holiness of language and its connection to our ethnicity, etc...and the seeming severance of many Modern English forms from their Germanic roots... in my works, as an English-speaking man of German-descent, I try to provide the whole picture of the dynamic...in the forthcoming book, folk will find English/Old High German/Modern High German entries- that is, you'll find a sort of working concordance within the glossary and pronunciation guide that will allow you to use what works best...there's no dogma dictating that Irminists MUST use Old or Modern High German, or English for that matter...so long as the dialect is rooted in the Germanic...for uniformity, I present things in the bulk of my work (text of the book included) in English/Old High German ...this also serves to provide (in the case of English speaking folk) the most 'common' rendering (where possible) in the 'familiar', along with its 'deepest' root...sure, the argument can be made that Indo-European, Proto-Germanic and all other proto-dialects would present a deeper root-but these are merely theoretical dialects- there's nothing to truly attest to their having ever really existed, etc..

..so, for the nit-picky, I'll say 'deepest ATTESTED root' ha ha but anyhow, there are specific terminologies we use in our expression of the Germanic Heathen dynamic... the work at recovering terminologies (from God names to names for other expressions, faining, sacrifice, etc) has been rather tedious, and certainly very time consuming, if only to do my best to ensure that what I was to present was correct in usage (even when I was certain I had the
answer)...and, as some of you have indicated, it might be worth a gander to explore some of that here...so, I'll take a stab and start at the top, with the Gods and their names...

Alaf Sal Fena!