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Words and Deeds

By: Hjuka Harugari


One of the things that Irminen and most *true* Heathen pride themselves on is their keeping to word, keeping to what they say or claim to be and or
do...we all know that no one is perfect, and can slip in their word and deed, perhaps forgetting to do something that they promised to do, etc... what seems most unfortunate to me is that there seems to be a rather growing trend in some areas of Heathenry, rather, would-be Heathenry where we don't find so much virtue...that folk would boast of deeds they had no intention on accomplishing, or worse, gainsaying the words spoken at taking oaths. Of the first, what is most problematic is the rediculous boast made at Samal...that vow to kill dragons, slay legions of fell men with a Museum-Replicas sword and other silliness...there is that little to no regard for the true nature and calibre of the word spoken over the Horn or Cup and the ramifications of such speaking...these same folk fail to understand or keep in mind that such words spoken are in fact the first level of the deed itself- if we were to break it down, a deed can be seen trifidic in parts:

1-the boast to accomplish some deed or act
2-the deed or act itself
3-the boast that the deed or act was accomplished.

So, what if we boast of killing legions of fell men with our Museum-Replicas sword?

Obviously, it would never happen...so the layers of action that are laid within Urdabrunno become layers of Inaction, forming patterns of further inaction and stasis...this is what in a Heathen context would be 'sin' (later to be morphed into the notion of wrongdoing or misdeeds under christian influence)...to act in sin, then is to not act at all, or to fail to place productive layers within the well...failing to lay productive layers halts positive growth and evolution for not only the individual, but the folk to which that individual is bound (in blood and oath)...sin creates debt of obligation, or shild, which depletes Luck...of course, this also is the same of the folk....sin not only affects the individual, but the Leute or Sippe (Liut or Sippa) to which that individual belongs...eventually, this could lead to the Gods' turning away, and all goodly gains of the folk draining away...

Surely, not every word to which we set breath carries such weight, but certainly those uttered in the Holy Well of the Samal-Hall and that as spoken in Oath DOES...in the end, we do need to be quite mindful of the words we speak (particularly in such wh-holy setting)....and would undoubtedly benefit as a 'collective whole' in being rather adamant in showing the door to folk who'd utter false words in setting empty deeds and layers within the Well...

Alaf Sal Fena

Hjuka Harugari


Words and Deeds II