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Word Sources?

By: Hjuka Harugari

    *Getting back to the Irminist way, I have a question: What kinds of source material is used to find the Old High German forms of words, god names, etc.? Some I've found in Grimm, who even cites various local versions; but I've noticed that many of the terms used on this list are different from the ones he mentions as well. I would be very interested in finding literature on the continental manifestation of our faith, but have not been very lucky in finding reliable sources.*

...As for recommending source material, painfully little exists in available formats...I'm hoping to change that once my book is done, of course in making some of the manuscripts and transcriptions of manuscripts I have available...so very little does exist in German-sources, proper (I think we have some links to some free on-line texts on the
Irminenschaft.net/links page if I remember correctly)...Grimm does an outstanding job in collecting many otherwise unrecorded (and perhaps otherwise wholly forgotten by now) gems of info...but other than German material, much of what we have is preserved in other sources...I think I discussed this somewhere at some time (maybe here?) but so much of the Norse material is actually not Norse at all, but Germanic (Gothic to be specific)... From a bulk of the Eddas to a few of the sagas...obviously, we find a good bit of Germanic material in English sources as well (not surprising considering their Germanic origins)...so, in that, we can use a lot of what might be deemed 'comparative' study (but in truth, is a matter of reclamation)...
As for names and the like, its also a process of gathering from what little does exist in German sources, and a measure of comparative reformations and the like through linguistic study, patterns of usage, etc...in my own works, its been a painstaking process...and literally one that had (and still has on occasion) me going nutty in trying to find definitive answers...definite or solid proof of theories/hypothesis, etc...my wife's witnessed the madness at work first hand :) luckily, I've been blessed with good linguistic/etymological works and dictionaries and glosses...and the help and advice of learned folk in the field...
As for terms and names used here, I'm sure there's some differences time to time from what I present and what others might suggest...exploring those processes might be interesting to the list (?) and I'm certainly happy to go into it as much as I can here...so if you have some specific examples or questions in that regard, we can definitely explore them!!

Alaf Sal Fena!