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Way of Life

By: Matt Reardon


Just 2 cents from another point of view, if I may...

for what it is worth, Asatru/Heathensim/Forn-Sed/Northern Folkway....whatever you want to call it....it is not a path, to be walked on, or not walked on. It is a way of life. It is what you are, and you cannot change that. I personally do not like the term "path" because it implies something you can do when you want to, or take time off from.

What we are, as a greater group of individuals, is about commitment. Commitment to a way of life. Now, what that way of life is is defined by you, based on what you read, hear, see, feel, think, believe. It cannot be taken away from you, and only you can change it. While the thoughts and opinions of others can impact on that, it is up to you to ultimately decide how you choose to live your life.

I have seen some that take the strict reconstructional point of view, saying that we must start EXACTLY where our ancestors left off. I have also spoken to some who take a diametrically opposite approach, with a more "anything goes approach"

In the end, it is only the wrong way of life if you are not being true to yourself, and what you are.

Goš geymi žig!