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Guides to Heathen Ethical Ideals



the Nine Noble Virtues:

Self Reliance


the Six Fold Goal:


the Three Wynn's:

Wisdom - Adherence to the ancient wisdoms of our religion.

Worthmind - The maintenance of a personal sense of honour.

Wealthdeal - Generosity with one's family and friends.

Irminic Principles: 


the Nine Charges of Odin

1. To maintain candor and fidelity in love and devotions to the 
tried friend: though he strike me I will do him no scathe.

2. Never to make a wrongsome oath: for great and grim is the reward
for the breaking of plighted troth.

3. To deal not hardly with the humble and lowly.

4. To remember the respect that is due great age.

5. To suffer no evil to go unremedied and to fight against the
enemies of family, nation, race and faith: my foes will I fight in
the field nor be burnt in my house.

6. To succor the friendless but to put no faith in the pledged word
of a stranger people.

7. If I hear the fool's word of a drunken man I will strive not: for
many a grief and the very death groweth out of such things.

8. To give kind heed to dead men: straw-dead, sea-dead or sword-

9. To abide by the enactments of lawful authority and to bear with
courage and fortitude the decrees of the Norns.


the Twelve Æþeling Þews:

Boldness- Bravery, courage in the face of adversity.

Steadfastness- Tenacity, the refusal to give up.

Troth- Fealty, faith, fidelity. Loyalty to one's tribe, friends, and family.

Givefullness- Generosity, the ability to give to others at the appropriate times

Gestening, Guestliness- Hospitality, or the ability to be kind with guests.

Sooth- Truth, the avoidance of lies.

Wrake- Justice, or the drive to always see the wrongs done one's tribe corrected.

Evenhead- Equality. The recognition that those of the opposite sex are equal.

Friendship- The ability to treat those that one calls friend as family.

Freedom- Self reliance and perseverance as well as responsibility for one's actions

Wisdom- Adherence to the ancient wisdom of our religion and the use of it in life.

Busyship/Workhardiness- Industriousness or the ability to work hard.


Another list of Thews:

Bisignes - Industriousness

Efnes - Equality, equal justice for all.

Ellen - Courage

Geférscipe - Community mindness, putting the good of the community above one's self.

Giefu - Generosity

Giestlíðness - Hospitality

Metgung - Moderation or self control.

Selfdóm - The ability to be an individual, true to one's self.

Sóð - Truth, Honesty.

Stedefæstnes - Steadfastness

Tréowð - Troth or loyalty.

Wísdóm - Wisdom



From the book "Honor Bright: A study of Honor in Western Literature
by George F. Jones

Blessed are the rich, for they possess the earth and its glory.

Blessed are the strong, for they can conquer kingdoms.

Blessed are they with strong kinsmen, for they shall find help.

Blessed are the warlike, for they shall win wealth and renown.

Blessed are they who keep their faith, for they shall be honored.

Blessed are they who are open handed, for they shall have friends and fame.

Blessed are they who wreak vengeance, for they shall be offended no more, and they shall have honor and glory all they days of their life and eternal fame in ages to come.