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No Hammer


I do not use a -Hammering- rite in my Blˇts.

It doesn't -Sing- to me.

My method:

Greet and spill drink to the LandvŠttir, thanking them for their care of the Land and the use of it for Sacral Time.

A formal greeting to the Folk.

A -Warding- in which I do use Blˇt Things from within my understanding of the Holy Being honored.

A formal greeting to the Honored One(s).

A song to Them.

Hallowing & Sharing of the Blessing & Drink, and Boasting the Holy One(s).

Thanking Them, the VŠttir and Folk, then it is over.

But, no -Hammering-, except in Thorsblˇt or Weylandblˇt.

On occasion I will use a Hmmersign blessing, Odin - Tyr - Uller, Thor - Frey - Balder, but this is rare.



In Frith under Troth, may the Gods see you!
- Piparskeggr skjaldberi Ullar
Builder for the Future and Traveler along the Folkway
River Wood SamfÚlag