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Northern Path


Gday the Folk,

The thought came to me that while Heathenry may not compete in certain ways
with established religion..... perhaps it is not in the same arena after

maybe that's the point that is being missed. My personal approach is from the
Folkish, cultural and ancestral viewpoint for the most part.... and this is
I think probably our greatest strength

at least it seems that way to me. Thorsson mentions this in his book
"Northern Myths and magic" about the sense of belonging and ownership that
he saw among Native Americans regarding their tradition

The Northern Path is ours. And however imperfect we may be expressing it at
the present time... is not the point.

I've often used the term "We are all here together" yeah.... so its the Gods,
ancestral spirits.... ourselves as the leading edge of the "great war axe of
our people"... and all the generations yet unborn

An so this is not a religion,  but much more than a religion, if we include
all the Cultural stuff, Folkways  and Folk-lore and so we can offer a sense
of identity than no universalist Abrahamic faith can hope to.

Its about "being"... and "being  with".... "doing" and "doing with".... our
people and everything that means.... the Gods, ancestors... and Folk.... all
the way back

Living a meaningful life..