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This page will host a series of articles on various subjects pertaining to Asatru & Heathenism in general.

We would like to thank all the authors of the articles for giving us permission to use their pieces on our site. The articles mainly come from various threads of conversations on several e-mail list. They are all pieces I thought needed to be saved and shared. There are many great pieces written in email conversations that are lost in the etherealness of the internet, these are some that have been saved.

**Some of the pieces posted here may not reflect the opinions of this Hearth**


A Quote on the Northern Path:
"The universe, the Northern Path, the true folk religion, is not at all a journey into the "self;" that idea in itself is magical, a reification, and a mere romantic palliative, not a cure.
The true "journey"
is not into the self at all, but its opposite; community."  - Garman Lord


Listen More Than You Speak:
> For what it's worth I haven't been at this long at all.

"...no howevers.  We were all new at this once. You'll take your turn if you stick to it.
Make yourself valuable to the Folk and the Gods will take notice.

Listen a lot. Listen more than you speak.
That's the way to profit
from taking a bench in another man's hall."      -- Bodvar



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About Asatru!

Asatru Options - Boar's Heart

Advice to Newbies - Boar's Heart

Vinlandish Folk - Boar's Heart

Havamal - A copy of the Thorpe translation of the Havamal. We have passed this version out at gatherings in the past.

Lo, There

Havamal Quote

Talking Points - Bodvar

The State of Things... - Bodvar

I Value The Law - Bodvar

Birthdays - Bodvar

Tryian Spirituality

In Search of: Our Tribal Roots - Vanirwolf

Godhar Issues - Ragnar

Way of Life - Matt Reardon

Tribalism - Eric Wodening

Northern Folk - Harbard

Old Celtic Wedding Blessing

Worthiness - Skallagrim

Memorial Day - Weyland

Vanic Invocation - Boar's Heart

Freyr's Villanelle - Boar's Heart

Blaming The Gods - Eric Wodening 

On Tribalism - Swain Wodening 

What ain't taught online... - By: Iain MacAnTsaoir 


Garman Lord Articles *new articles added 12-12-07*


Irminenschaft Articles


A Way Forward:
The Circle of the Nation And A Discussion of Germanic Heathen Common and Tribal Law



Northern Path

The New Alloy

A Gift...

Poetic Significance / Northern Path


Sacral Kingship

Rituals.. Hlut... ect

Folk Fabric  

Levels of Realization

The Nature of the Gods  

Blots, Sumbels, and Stuff..  




"Answers to Relevant Questions, Concerning Gothar & Kindreds"

Part 2

Part 3 - Kindreds


Words of wisdom from Piparskeggr.
"We and Pip may not agree about everything, but we work together where we can for the broader community"


***Before copying any of these pieces by Pip, please contact him for his approval*** Email Pip

Piparskeggrmal ***A must read for all Heathens***

Woods Theod

An in progress view

Saga Times

On Chieftainship and Folkship

Essay on Theodism

When Heart and Blood Disagree

Sacral Kingship


Across the Flames

First Act

A Midsummer's Visit To The Théodish Heartland

No Hammer

Ties To The Land

A short thought

We Are Asatru

9 Noble Virtues and the State of things

Many Rooms, Many Words

Many Kinlores - One Heart

Lay of the Good Beast

A Thing Hall

Thoughts on my birthday

Vinland and Being Vinnish