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9 Noble Vitues and the State of things

By: Piparskeggr


Health and Luck All,

I could not recite more than 2 or 3 of any such list.


I am Asatru.  I am not defined by lists.

I am Asatru.  I am defined by my Life.

I am Asatru.  I am Oathed to no one, save the Holy Ones and my Wife.

I am Asatru.  I am an American heathen, sometimes referred to as Vinnish or Vinlandish.

I am Asatru.  I am Steven, known as Piparskeggr.  I am probably the most Théodish Asaman you will meet, for I set great Worth in Community and Tribe, and Chieftainship and Oath.

Overall, ladies and gentlemen, we are a young, human endevour.  We are still learning to walk after creeping about for awhile.

I've been Heathen all my life.  My upbringing, my parents, the structure of my extended family; all Heathen, with a wash of Romanitas overall.

Stephen McNallen, Valgard Murray, Else Christiansen, Ymir Thunarsson, Thorsteinn Thoraninson, Garman Lord, Diane Paxson and all...

These men and women are the First Folk of the Reawakening.  The First to Know that they were Awake.

I'm at the tail end of the Second Folk, I believe; having consciously awakened in July 1989 and having found "organized" heathenry soon thereafter.

I would venture the guess that I have a better grasp of Kingship, Thew, Oath and Tribe than most Asafolk, and a better idea of the same than some Theodish Folk (Greater, not High).

But, I am still Asatru.

I love and respect Garman like I do my Drighten (Stephen McN.), but I have no Oath to him (or Steve for that matter).

I am a Hope for Asatru, for I also understand Poetic Significance.  This being an Idea I Learned from my Théodish Friends.  Should just 2 Asafolk learn from my example (and I'm seeing signs of more than 2), then I have done my Duty and my Life will have had Worth.

Not all who pretend to Heathenry, be it Asatru, Théodism, or what have you, will Get IT.  We who Get IT will always be a minority, in any community; 'tis our burden to bear, for the community.

I have a Seeing of good standing.  Heathenry will not just survive (which condition is unacceptable to me), but will grow: Garman will see many more Midsummer's, Steve McN will see more Gatherings of the Tribes, Valgard will see more Alliance Althings, Travis will see a 20th Virginia Thing...

The marginals, the "crusts of the bread," as you will...

We will always have "crusts" and "heels" on our "loaves" so long as we "bake."

Build, my friends; look to your Garths and Folk.

Others will stand or fall on their own.


There I go again...

Be Well and may the Holy Ones smile on thee and thine - Pip