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 We Are Asatru

By: Piparskeggr


Health and Luck,

If I may, thoughts I have offered in the past?

I am Asatrú.
I practiced Roman Catholicism.
Thereby hangs the difference I think.

The clearer my understanding of holding Troth with the Ćsir and Vanir becomes, the dimmer my need to have a religion.

My Life Is A Blót.

And a few new thoughts:

I live in Faith with the Gods of my Kinline ~
I live in Heartbond with Folk stemming from my Forebears ~
I live in Rightness under Folkways grown up from Kinlands ~
I live in Truth with Honor, as best I can ~
I live ~

I am Asatrú.

Quite likely, dear reader, you are likewise Asatrú.

These ideas, to me, speak to the Beingness that is Asatrú:
Living a Bond to Gods, Folk and Land;
Being Trú to that Bond.

I would venture the guess that these words to speak to you.
I would venture the guess that you have Bespoken troth to the Holy Ćsir and
I would venture the guess that you Live a very similar Worldview and Folkway to

We then, are Asatrú.

We are men and women of the Holy Ones of the North...
Asatrú, Odinist, Heathen, Elder Troth, regardless...
We are Kin, Kith, Friends or Allies within the Northern Folkways.

We are Asatrú.

We are Shapers of That Which May become.
We are Free Men and Women who MUST Build
We are the Writers and Skalds of these New Saga Times.

We are Asatrú.

We are Pragmatists and Dreamers.
We are Shouters and Whisperers.
We are Leaders and Followers.
We are Whole...

We are Asatrú.

Whether we are Hearth, Fellowship, Kindred or Tribe...
Whether we follow a Freemen's Thing or Kingly Witan...

However we view Family building: Blood, Marriage, Fosterage, Adoption or Oath...

We are Asatrú.

We may fight amongst ourselves...
We may cooperate with no hitches whatsoever...

But all in all, We ARE, We LIVE, We BUILD...

my two pennies...



In Frith under Troth, may the Gods see you!

- Piparskeggr skjaldberi Ullar

Builder for the Future and Traveler along the Folkway
Willing to work with all who advance Our Faith and Folkways.
River Wood Samfélag - Vinlandisc Folkvegr
Ćldorman and Steward