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Ties To The Land


Those who have met me would not think "Viking" at first mention of my name.

Though, they know me to have great love for those who are Kin, Kith and Friends. These folks have felt my affectionate embrace upon greeting and parting. They have heard my words in confidence, as I have theirs. They are Family.

I'm a New England Man; particularly, a Western Massachusetts Shaysite. We Yanqui are not noted as open, warm hearted folk, especially to New Comers. Depending upon which Branch (Clan) of my Family (Tribe), one looks at, I've anywhere from 3 to 11 generations of Bones in the Land. So, some of my Bloodkin are still New Comers.

It takes generations of being Born to the Land, and being Deathbound to the Land, to Become.

I reside in northern Illinois, which for some makes me a Midwesterner. I'm not, nor ever will be, no matter how well I learn the Customs and Thews of this new Tribe. There is too much of my Birthland in my Blood, in my Heart, in my Voice...

I am, however, a Vinlander. My Blood's Bones lie in the Earth of Vinland, from the rocky coast of New England to the amorphous shore of California, from the plains of central Canada to the piney woods of Alabama.

I wish to be nothing else than what I am.

I find those who wish to be something other than what they are, to be lacking.

Life is Burden and Ordeal...

Life is how one Faces Burden and Ordeal...

Life is saying, proudly, I Am...

Life is dealing with it...

Make believe you are something you are not, don't be surprised if others smirk or laugh or blow you off.

Be what you are, able bodied or not.

Able minded, That Is The Key...



In Frith under Troth, may the Gods see you!

- Piparskeggr skjaldberi Ullar