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A short thought (08/28/00):


As I come to integrate my Troth, Faith and Mind more fully day by day, the word "Religion" becomes more and more a shadow concept. Religion to me denotes a separateness, a little square walled compartment that others define for me, and I reject that. I hope to end up like our Honored Ancestors, unable to think of one's Troth as being something one is able to articulate as separate from Living.

My Tribe is Asatr˙ (Asatrˇ, Forn Seid, Hei­ni, Theodism, Elder Troth, what have you). My Faith is that which my Tribe Believes. My practices and opinions vary from those with whom I most closely agree Lorewise and Interpretationwise. This should not matter. Difference is strength, I don't want the sameness of bricks in a wall. Heathenry, in all its variety of Clans and Kindred, is wonderous and fascinating to explore.

Hail to All my Kin and Kith! Your differences fuel me.

May Odin send thee all Wisdom and Inspiration!

May Tyr send thee the Strength and Courage to do Right!

May Uller send thee the necessary Guile and Will to Succeed!



In Frith under Troth, may the Gods see you!

- Piparskeggr skjaldberi Ullar