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Sacral Kingship


A good topic and one which many more should explore with less heat and more light. I offer a post I sent to an Asatrú list whereupon the same topic was raised.

Some of you (who haven't met me) might be surprised by the below.

I am, I think, unusual amongst my fellows in the Asatrú communities.

I am moderate in manner (in most things).
I am a mystic in much of my approach to the Holy Ćsir and Vanir.
I feel Orlay in the World.

I believe in Kingship.
I believe in the Sacredness of Kingship.
I believe in the Worldliness of Kingship.

I know that the Kingship which we have discussed and shall discuss is not Church-State Monarchical Divine Right in Nature.

I know the King is of the Folk.
I know the King is before the Folk.
I know the King is an offspring of the Holy amongst us, though he is still but
a man.
(In this sense, "offspring" is used to denote a closer connection to the
Wellspring of Wyrd.) I know the King acts with the Holy for the Folk.

The King is the Heart and Head of the Folk.
The King is our "lucky penny," our "4 leaf clover," our Good Luck embodied.
The King is our gauge of the Health of the Land and of the Commonweal.

I acknowledge and respect the Kingly amongst us, whether raised on the shield or not, whether others see them or not. I drink to the Health, Long Life and Good, Strong Luck of the Kingly amongst us, for I am guarded by their presence as surely as those closest to them.

I am a friend to Kings and Wights, to Gods and Man.

I hold Oath with no King, not because of disdain, but because I believe in the Kingship too strongly to give Hollow Oath.

I am a man of the boundaries, a huntsman from the far mountains, a wanderer in the Woods.
I strive to be welcome at trading post, tavern and temple, and do enjoy the company of others.
I work with communities, but have few (though important and growing in number)
Bonds of loyalty and friendship within those communities.

I am a Rover and a Skald.
I am Uller's Son and Odin's Fosterling.

I am True to the Holy Ones.
I am Asatrú.



In Frith under Troth, may the Gods see you!
- Piparskeggr skjaldberi Ullar
Builder for the Future and Traveler along the Folkway
River Wood Samfélag