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Ancestors Beliefs

By: Ulfrikr


Heil All,

As for my ancestors, I feel a link to them, in that they have brought me to this point, but it is how I live today, and act today, that makes as much of an impact as anything that has gone before.  Regardless of their beliefs, ethnicity, or any other consideration, they are a part of who I am thanks to their imparting their genetic and mimetic material with the passing of each generation.  As for Christianity, well, personally, what any of my ancestors believed in that regard I have no reason to reproach them for it.  I don't agree with the philosophy, however, I understand the community pressures that would have been placed upon them at the time they lived.  And indeed, Christianity did work, for some very twisted reasons though.  The messages it provided, were melded and manipulated to suit the audience.  It is certainly a belief system that has assimilated other folk streams as much as it could, as well as providing only limited messages that were necessary to ensure compliance.  And yes... it meets the needs of its' people, insofar as it tries and explains some things about life and living, but neglects in many ways its' own history and background.  I know for a fact, that between Genesis and the Gospels, Christianity glides over the rest, briefly stopping off along the way at chapters and sound bites that support their ideas and ideals.  Forget about things such as the thirty two cities of Ai, who cares about the tribe of folk who wanted to become Israelites after their King got friendly with Dinah... such stories are left behind in a rush to embrace the "all loving God"... who is more like a very specifically loving god... that being YHWH who really is only looking out for one group of folk, those who are bound to him... the rest he would love to smash.

That's one reason why I like Asatru, we have explanations of things that our folk came to terms with through their stories, their metaphors that reach into our folk heritage.  The new messages that were coated with honey to sucker our folk in, was done at a time when they expected to hear these things from a lorespeaker, so instead of a lorespeaker, they ended up with priests, what would you have done?  It only takes a couple of generations for things to change, especially when the outsiders use your own culture against you.

As for the whole idea of bashing Christianity... I'll happily hold it up to the mirror for those who believe in it to really see, if they want to, the whole picture... THEN let them choose.  As for expecting ill of Christians, I take each as they come, many a time I have stated, I will give tolerance where tolerance is given, else they can expect as much of a combative attitude as they show towards me.  I'll give as good as I get, in both regards.

Ver thu heil


**Ulfrikr is a member of the AET**